Aymon Trail

Bogny-sur-Meuse, France • 18 Feb 2024

The Aymon Trail is a highly popular event in the world of trail running since 2015. It attracts over 1500 participants from Belgium, the north and the east. The trail offers two technical and original courses with a significant elevation, of 33 km and 18 km. The event is committed to quality, promoting the Ardennes terroir, sharing and solidarity by donating a portion of the registration fees to a charitable organization. Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.

Race information

42 km
2024 m+
Aymon Trail #10 - Marathon Trail 42.195 Km
32 km
1600 m+
Aymon Trail #10 - 33 Km
18 km
800 m+
Aymon Trail #10 - 18 Km
Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.


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