About us

Welcome to GoTrail.run, your dedicated guide to discovering the best trail running events around you!

We are a passionate team of trail runners, developers, and community builders who have come together to create a platform that serves one simple purpose: to connect you with the trail running events that inspire you to lace up and enjoy running.

Our Journey

GoTrail.run began with a love for the trails and the need for a simpler way to find them. We noticed that while the enthusiasm for trail running was growing, the information was scattered. Runners of all levels were spending more time searching for events than actually running them.

Our Mission

Our mission at GoTrail.run is straightforward: make trail running events accessible to everyone, everywhere. Whether you're a beginner looking to venture into your first trail run, or a seasoned ultrarunner seeking your next challenge, we've got you covered. We believe that by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly trail run calendar, we can foster growth within the sport and cultivate a stronger, more connected trail running community.

Our Impact

Since launching GoTrail.run, we've seen countless runners benefit from our service. We've made it easier for newcomers to take their first strides in beautiful, natural settings, and we've given experienced runners a platform to find their next adventure. By simplifying the search process, we're helping more people experience the joys and benefits of trail running - from physical health to mental wellbeing.

Become Part Of Our Community

Trail running is more than a sport; it's a journey that celebrates nature, challenges our limits, and builds camaraderie among like-minded adventurers. When you choose GoTrail.run, you're not just finding a trail run; you're becoming part of a vibrant community that shares your passion.

So, whether you're looking for a local trail run or planning your next holiday around a destination race, GoTrail.run is here to guide you. Discover more trails, enjoy more runs, and become part of the ever-growing tapestry of trail running enthusiasts.

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