Trail Running Calendar Switzerland 2024-2025

Switzerland is a paradise for trail running enthusiasts, and the trail running calendar for 2024-2025 is packed with breathtaking events. In Zurich, you will find a variety of trails that lead through picturesque landscapes and the nearby Alps, ideal for runners looking for a challenge. Geneva, with its idyllic routes along Lake Geneva, offers excellent opportunities for both beginners and advanced runners to test their endurance.

In Basel, you can discover historical trails that take you through the cultural heart of Switzerland, while Bern’s hilly paths lead you through some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes of the capital. Lausanne, known for its dynamic trail running scene, offers unique routes with views of the beautiful Lake Geneva and the surrounding vineyards. Not to be forgotten is Lucerne, which, with its panoramic paths around Lake Lucerne, is highly popular among both local and international runners.

The Herbstlauf Wila will take place in Wila on Saturday 26 October 2024. You can run 11 kilometers.

The gurtenCLASSIC, a trail running event on Bern's local mountain, will take place on October 27, 2024. There are various categories such as a short run, mountain walking, road bike tour, classic run, Famigros Run & Win, and children's run. Participants can expect a varied course with magnificent vi..

November 2024

The Wiler-Herbstlauf will take place in Wil on Saturday 2 November 2024. You can run between 10 and 17 kilometers.

The Kyburglauf will take place in Illnau-Effretikon on Saturday 9 November 2024. You can run between 5 and 21 kilometers.

The Trail de la Saint-Martin will take place in Les Bois from Saturday 9 November 2024 to Sunday 10 November 2024. You can run 11 kilometers.

The Course des Pavés will take place in La Neuveville on Saturday 30 November 2024. You can run between 7 and 24 kilometers.

December 2024

The Startschuss 50-Trail-100 Ultra will take place in Nidau on Saturday 7 December 2024. You can run 50 kilometers.

The Trail des Châteaux - Sion will take place in Sion on Saturday 14 December 2024. You can run 33 kilometers.

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The Course de Noël - Sion will take place in Sion on Saturday 14 December 2024.

March 2025

The Trail Run Evasion Rhône offers courses of 48 km, 24 km, 15 km, and 8 km, crossing varied landscapes between Geneva and Dardagny. The races are accessible solo, as a relay, or as a walk. Participants can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and a Pasta Party at the finish line. Shuttles are organized to f..

The Urban Trail Lausanne offers two routes of 18km and 31km, providing stunning views of the city, Lake Geneva, and the surrounding mountains. Runners will discover the treasures of Lausanne and its hidden natural secrets, passing through trails, cobblestone streets, and graffiti-covered walls. The ..

April 2025

The Up & Down Aigle will take place in Aigle on Saturday 5 April 2025.

The Les Courses du Mont-Terrible will take place in Fontenais from Saturday 12 April 2025 to Sunday 13 April 2025. You can run between 15 and 106 kilometers.

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May 2025

The Trail Noble-Contrée will take place in Noble-Contrée on Saturday 3 May 2025. You can run between 11 and 38 kilometers.

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The Jura Swiss Trail will take place in Baulmes on Saturday 3 May 2025. You can run between 11 and 55 kilometers.

The Grône - Bouzerou trail will take place on May 25, 2024, offering a challenging course supported by Follomi Sports. The event includes two races across three municipalities and four villages, with the option to register in the corporate category. Participants will be able to enjoy refreshments an..

June 2025

The XtraTrail Lavaux will take place in Lutry on Sunday 1 June 2025. You can run between 5 and 50 kilometers.

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The Scenic Trail will take place in Capriasca from Friday 6 June 2025 to Saturday 7 June 2025. You can run between 18 and 130 kilometers.

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Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information about the Trail Run Chur. I'm sorry, but it seems that the organizer's website is not available.

The 4th Hörnli Trail 1133 will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024. The race starts at 11:33 AM and the course covers 11.33 km, with the finish line at the Hörnli, which is 1133 meters above sea level. Additionally, there is a Kidsrun around the Fischingen Monastery for younger participants. Furth..