Trail Running calendar near Les Hauts-d'Anjou 2024-2025

We have found 39 Trailruns within 80 kilometers of Les Hauts-d'Anjou. See below where and when you can find the races.

The Défis Trail des Moulins will take place in Mauges-sur-Loire on Saturday 17 August 2024. You can run between 26 and 47 kilometers.

The Trail du Pont Noyer will take place in Couffé on Sunday 25 August 2024. You can run between 8 and 21 kilometers.

September 2024

The Saint Grégoire Urban Trail in Ernée offers a varied course that includes city passages, wooded areas, and grassy zones, while incorporating stairs and footbridges. Participants can choose from several events tailored to different ages and skill levels, ranging from 735 meters for the youngest to..

The Trail du Bocage Longeronnais will take place in Sèvremoine on Saturday 7 September 2024. You can run between 9 and 26 kilometers.

UTMB Index

The Trail des Croquants, which will take place on September 8, 2024, in Saint-Rémy-en-Mauges, is now in its 6th edition. This event offers several courses suited to different levels: 29 km with 400 m of elevation gain, 17 km with 250 m of elevation gain, and 10 km with 150 m of elevation gain. Parti..

The Mulsanne Runs, in September 2024, mark their 19th edition with 100% road races. Participants can choose between a qualifying half-marathon for the French championship, a 10 km race, a 5 km individual race, a 5 km couples race, and a family escapade. Each race is chip-timed, except for the family..

The Trail Loire & Vignes is an annual running event created in 2015 by enthusiasts of running and local heritage. The event attracts hundreds of participants each year and supports charitable organizations, with the DUX Foundation as the beneficiary in 2024. The race offers several courses of differ..

The Les Foulées du Saumur-Champigny will take place in Saumur on Sunday 8 September 2024. You can run between 9 and 29 kilometers.

The Trail de L'antenne de Mayet will take place in Mayet on Sunday 15 September 2024. You can run between 12 and 21 kilometers.

The L'huiss'run will take place in L'Huisserie on Sunday 15 September 2024. You can run between 11 and 18 kilometers.

The Domalain Races, organized by the Domalain EHPAD, will take place on September 15, 2024. This event features several timed courses: 650 meters for children, 2 kilometers for juniors and intermediates, as well as 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer races for adults. Participation is free for the youngest..

The Rotary Trail - Saint-Mars-d'Outillé will take place in Saint-Mars-d'Outillé on Saturday 21 September 2024. You can run between 5 and 30 kilometers.

The first edition of the Kabylie'Trail will take place at the Voutré Quarry, offering participants two trail races of 12 km and 22 km, as well as two hiking circuits of 5 km and 10 km. Organized by the Jogging des Coëvrons association, this day promises sporting challenges in a natural setting. Runn..

The Trail Lys-Haut-Layon will take place in Lys-Haut-Layon on Sunday 22 September 2024. You can run between 10 and 20 kilometers.

The Les Foulées d'Automne - Beaucouzé will take place in Beaucouzé on Sunday 22 September 2024. You can run between 5 and 15 kilometers.

The Hamster Nature Race is organized by the "Team À Vos Marques" association to benefit cancer research. The event offers various activities such as mountain biking and cycling tours, an individual or relay Hamster nature race, hiking, and Nordic walking. Rewards are planned for the participants of ..

The Déodatienne is a running and walking event that takes place in Saint-Didier. It offers a variety of challenges suitable for all ages and levels, including a 17 km Nordic walk, a 22 km trail run, a 9 km nature run, and a balance bike race for the little ones. Participants can also enjoy an 8 km h..

The Nature Race La Petite Gemmoise will take place on September 28, 2024, in Sainte Gemmes d'Andigné, marking its 10th edition. Participants can choose between two distances: 6 km and 15 km, with a course consisting of 90% trails and 10% roads. To participate, a medical certificate or a valid FFA li..

The Trails du Layon will take place in Val-du-Layon on Sunday 29 September 2024. You can run between 16 and 45 kilometers.

October 2024

The Laval Urban Trail is an approximately 11 km urban night trail with a positive elevation gain of 290 meters, conducted in self-sufficiency. Open to runners born in 2008 or earlier, the event requires parental authorization for minors and a valid medical certificate. Participants can register onli..