Trail Running calendar near Les Touches 2024-2025

We have found 67 Trailruns within 80 kilometers of Les Touches. See below where and when you can find the races.

The Défis Trail des Moulins will take place in Mauges-sur-Loire on Saturday 17 August 2024. You can run between 26 and 47 kilometers.

The Trail du Pont Noyer will take place in Couffé on Sunday 25 August 2024. You can run between 8 and 21 kilometers.

The "Foulées du Sillon," organized by UAC Savenay, returns for its 29th edition on August 25, 2024. This event offers several races: a 31 km Sillon Trail for solo and duo participants, an 18 km course, and an 8 km "Sillonnette." Participants can register online until August 23, with specific conditi..

The Dom'Pied'Roise, organized by Dompierre Course Aventure, is a semi-nighttime race that will take place on August 31, 2024. For its 10th edition, the event offers three courses of 8, 16, and 24 kilometers, providing participants with an immersive experience in nature. In addition to promoting phys..

September 2024

The Sentiers de la Sèvre will take place in Boussay on Sunday 1 September 2024. You can run between 7 and 22 kilometers.

The Châteaubourg Urban Trail, scheduled for 2024, offers a unique experience with a 10.5 km course that combines urban and natural settings in a semi-nocturnal atmosphere. Organized by the town hall and the Athletic Union club, this event includes both a trail run and a timed Nordic walk. Participan..

The Trail du Bocage Longeronnais will take place in Sèvremoine on Saturday 7 September 2024. You can run between 9 and 26 kilometers.

UTMB Index

The Trail Nocturne Solidaire - Pont Caffino will take place in Château-Thébaud on Saturday 7 September 2024. You can run 14 kilometers.

The Trail Montaigu Vendee will take place in Montaigu-Vendée on Sunday 8 September 2024. You can run between 10 and 24 kilometers.

The Trail des Croquants, which will take place on September 8, 2024, in Saint-Rémy-en-Mauges, is now in its 6th edition. This event offers several courses suited to different levels: 29 km with 400 m of elevation gain, 17 km with 250 m of elevation gain, and 10 km with 150 m of elevation gain. Parti..

The Color Run in Bains-sur-Oust is a non-competitive 6 km race open to everyone, where participants are sprayed with colored powder at each kilometer. The event offers a festive atmosphere with a warm-up session led by a fitness coach before the start. At the finish line, a final color powder throw ..

The Trail Loire & Vignes is an annual running event created in 2015 by enthusiasts of running and local heritage. The event attracts hundreds of participants each year and supports charitable organizations, with the DUX Foundation as the beneficiary in 2024. The race offers several courses of differ..

The Trail Tour de Brière will take place in Rozé on Saturday 14 September 2024. You can run between 17 and 70 kilometers.

The 31st edition of the Antimony Race will take place on September 15, 2024, in Rochetrejoux (85), offering three trail distances: 9 km, 16 km, and 24 km. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local associations. The trail races will start at 9:15 AM after participant check-in begins at 8:00 ..

The Domalain Races, organized by the Domalain EHPAD, will take place on September 15, 2024. This event features several timed courses: 650 meters for children, 2 kilometers for juniors and intermediates, as well as 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer races for adults. Participation is free for the youngest..

The Gaubre'Trail is a trail running race organized in La Gaubretière, Vendée. Scheduled for September 15, 2024, this fourth edition offers four courses of 7, 14, 21, and 28 kilometers, each with varying levels of elevation. Participants will traverse dirt paths, fields, and small village roads, prov..

The Foulées Saulnièroises, organized by the Solution Riposte association and the Saulnières festival committee, are now in their third edition. This sporting event offers various challenges, including 8 km and 15 km hikes, as well as races for adults and children, ranging from 750 m to 11 km. The pr..

The "50 Shades of Grées" trail will take place on 09/21/2024 in Malansac, with events of 9km, 14km, and 27km. Registration fees range from €9.0 to €14.2. Online registration closes on 09/20/2024 at 6:00 PM.

The Trail des 3 Provinces will take place in Clisson on Saturday 21 September 2024. You can run between 10 and 36 kilometers.

The Hamster Nature Race is organized by the "Team À Vos Marques" association to benefit cancer research. The event offers various activities such as mountain biking and cycling tours, an individual or relay Hamster nature race, hiking, and Nordic walking. Rewards are planned for the participants of ..