Trail Running Calendar Departement Haut-Rhin 2024-2025

We have found 21 Trailruns in Departement Haut-Rhin. Check below where and when you can find the races.

The Trail du Terril will take place in Wittelsheim on Friday 14 June 2024. You can run between 5 and 10 kilometers.

The 8th edition of the Run'in Night Trail will take place on June 15, 2024, in Wettolsheim, featuring 30 km and 13 km courses through vineyards and forest trails, including the Hohlandsbourg castle. Solid and liquid refreshments will be available, and the finish line will be at the town hall square...

The Trail du Schnepf will take place in Sondernach on Saturday 29 June 2024. You can run between 13 and 21 kilometers.

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July 2024

The Trail du Pays Welche will take place in Orbey on Saturday 6 July 2024. You can run between 10 and 52 kilometers.

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The Trail des Collines - Eschentzwiller will take place in Eschentzwiller on Saturday 6 July 2024. You can run between 13 and 41 kilometers.

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The Trail du Rabseppi is a scenic race through vineyards, forests, and surrounding mountains, offering magnificent views of the Alsace plain. The 12th edition will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2024, with a distance of 15.4 km and an elevation gain of 490 m. After the race, runners can enjoy the ..

The Marathon Du Grand Ballon will take place in Oderen on Saturday 20 July 2024. You can run between 13 and 80 kilometers.

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The Run’in Fav will take place in Turckheim on Sunday 28 July 2024. You can run between 0 and 0 kilometers.

August 2024

The Jura Alsacien Races in Ferrette offer three courses: an 8 km nature run, a 15 km discovery trail, and a 32 km trail through the Alsatian Jura massif. Registrations can be made online starting from June 1, 2024. The races are scheduled for Sunday, August 4, 2024, with entry fees ranging from 10€ ..

The Trail du Hatschbourg will take place in Hattstatt on Friday 9 August 2024. You can run between 7 and 16 kilometers.

The Crêtes Vosgiennes will take place in Linthal on Sunday 18 August 2024. You can run between 18 and 33 kilometers.

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September 2024

The Course Nature des Rainettes will take place in Morschwiller-le-Bas on Sunday 1 September 2024. You can run between 10 and 19 kilometers.

The Trails d'Altkirch will take place in Altkirch on Sunday 8 September 2024. You can run 13 kilometers.

The Trail de Masevaux will take place in Masevaux-Niederbruck on Sunday 15 September 2024. You can run between 15 and 25 kilometers.

October 2024

The Munster’trail, in its 8th edition, will take place on October 5, 2024. Registrations will begin on March 1st.

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The Fastienne is a nature trail of 22.5 km with 965 meters of positive elevation gain, offering beautiful single tracks in the Florival. The Mini-Fastienne of 10.5 km is ideal for joggers looking for a hilly course. A 9 km Canicross race is also offered, with veterinary and equipment checks before t..

November 2024

The Foulées du Souvenir offers two trail runs of 9.5 km and 27.8 km in Orbey, crossing the memorial sites of the Battle of Linge. The races are part of the 2024 Vosges Trophy and offer beautiful landscapes. The 27.8 km race is a UTMB® World Series Qualifier. Physiotherapists, refreshments, and rewar..

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The Hommes Run will take place in Balschwiller on Saturday 30 November 2024. You can run between 8 and 12 kilometers.

February 2025

The "Terre de Feu" trail is an annual event in Alsace, offering races of 12, 20, and 30 kilometers, as well as races for children. Participants move between vineyards and forests, passing by notable landmarks such as the Saint-Wendelin Chapel and the Trois-Épis. This event is a qualifying race for t..

May 2025

The Grand Ballon Races will take place on Sunday, May 25, 2025, offering three different courses in Willer-sur-Thur. The Grand Ballon Ascent is a FFA National Label ranking event covering 14.2 km with a 1220m elevation gain. The Grand Ballon Challenge is a 25 km trail with a 1320m elevation gain, fe..