Grand Raid 73

Cruet, France • 25 May 2024

The Grand Raid 73 is a classic event on the Savoyard calendar, offering five different races with varied and beautiful routes, ranging from 10 km to 74.5 km. Participants can enjoy splendid landscapes such as Lake Thuile and Mont Colombier. The races are also indexed to the ITRA for those looking for a serious challenge. Specific equipment is required for the longer courses, and bibs must be collected in advance. Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.

Race information

74 km
5300 m+
Grand Raid 73 - Relais
74 km
5300 m+
Grand Raid 73 - Solo
50 km
3220 m+
Le Bauju
23 km
1220 m+
Petit Savoyard
10 km
500 m+
Le 10km des vignes
10 km
Parcours marche
Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.

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