Bernina Ultraks

Pontresina, Switzerland • 5-6 Jul 2024

The Bernina Ultraks 2024 will take place from July 5 to 6 in Pontresina, Switzerland, and will offer various course lengths from 6.5 km to 42.2 km. The GoVertical starts on Friday and covers 6.5 km and 1,400 meters of elevation gain. On Saturday, there is the Bernina Glacier Marathon, the Ibex Trail, the Corvatsch Trail, and the Mini Ultraks. The courses offer breathtaking landscapes and challenging climbs. Further information and registration are available on the organizer's website. Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.

Race information

42 km

Bernina Gletscher Marathon

Elevation : 2600m+
Sat 6 July
30 km


Elevation : 1800m+
Sat 6 July
16 km


Elevation : 880m+
Sat 6 July
6 km


Elevation : 1400m+
Fri 5 July
Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.

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