6 Heures de Villeneuve

Villeneuve, France • 15 Jun 2024

The 6 Hours of Villeneuve will take place on June 15, 2024, in Villeneuve d'Aveyron, offering a 930-meter paved circuit around the fortified town for solo runners or relay teams. Participants can choose between a 3-hour or 6-hour race, starting at the Place du Sol de la Dîme. A motorhome parking area is available near the circuit, and the course is suitable for disabled athletes, both runners and walkers. The program also includes races for children, an awards ceremony, a gourmet market, and an evening concert. Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.

Race information

6 hr
6 Hours Race
3 hr
3 Hours Race
Visit the organization's website for the most recent information.


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