Trail Running calendar near Schneverdingen 2024-2025

We have found 10 Trailruns within 80 kilometers of Schneverdingen. See below where and when you can find the races.

The 24-Hour Burginsel Run in Delmenhorst is a challenging running competition designed for both individual runners and teams. The event offers various categories, including a 24-hour run and a 6-hour run, ideal for ultramarathon beginners. The run takes place on the picturesque Burginsel and is acco..

August 2024

The Heideblütenlauf is an annual running competition organized by TV Jahn Schneverdingen. The race offers various distances, including 5 km, 10 km, and shorter distances for children. Participants can also take part in hiking, walking, and Nordic walking events.The race takes place in the picturesqu..

The Rosengarten Ultra Heide Marathon (RUHM) is an outstanding running competition held in the Rosengarten Regional Park. RUHM is the highlight of the Rosengarten Run and features a challenging 50 km loop with approximately 1,000 meters of elevation gain. The course winds through picturesque forest a..

September 2024

The Brunsberg Run in Buchholz is an annual running competition that will take place for the 13th time in 2024. The event offers various courses, including a main run of 11.7 km, a half marathon, and a 5 km family run. For children, there are four races with distances ranging from 0.3 km to 2.5 km.Th..

The Buschteichlauf Dollern will take place in Dollern on Sunday 15 September 2024. You can run between 6 and 12 kilometers.

The Cloverleaf Ultra is a 100-mile race that takes place in Schwarme, Lower Saxony. The course is divided into four different loops that lead in all directions and run through scenic, easy-to-run paths without significant elevation changes. The race offers a maximum running time of 30 hours. The eve..

October 2024

The 4 Moore Ultratrail-Marathon will take place in Langenhagen on Thursday 3 October 2024.

November 2024

The Kuhcross will take place in Bremen on Sunday 17 November 2024. You can run 8 kilometers.

December 2024

The 6h Adventslauf Langenhagen will take place in Langenhagen on Sunday 1 December 2024. You can run 6 hours.

The Bremer Bergmarathon Mit Höhenmetersammlung will take place in Bremen on Saturday 7 December 2024. You can run between 21 and 51 kilometers.