Trail Running calendar near Schriesheim 2024-2025

We have found 8 Trailruns within 80 kilometers of Schriesheim. See below where and when you can find the races.

The Deichenwand-Trail Wilgartswiesen will take place in Wilgartswiesen on Saturday 14 September 2024. You can run 11 kilometers.

The Trail Marathon Heidelberg will take place in Heidelberg from Saturday 21 September 2024 to Sunday 22 September 2024. You can run between 21 and 42 kilometers.

ITRA Points

The 7-Mile Trail in Kaiserslautern is a trail run taking place on September 22, 2024, in the Kaiserslautern Forest. The event offers two routes: a long route of 7 miles (11.265 km) with approximately 340 meters of elevation gain, and a short route of 4 miles (6.437 km) with approximately 130 meters ..

The Wald- Und Hügellauf - Groß-Umstadt will take place in Groß-Umstadt on Saturday 28 September 2024.

The Remsecker Waldlauf will take place in Remseck am Neckar on Saturday 28 September 2024.

December 2024

The Spessart Silvester Trail will take place in Laufach on Tuesday 31 December 2024.

April 2025

The Donnersberg Trail is a running competition organized by LC Donnersberg 1987 e.V. in collaboration with the Winnweiler municipality. The event offers four different routes: the T49 Donnersberg Ultra Trail (49 km, approx.2,080 meters of elevation gain), the T35 Donnersberg MidTrail (35 km, approx...

May 2025

The "DAV Neckarcross Ultra Race" is a demanding trail running competition that will take place for the fourth time in 2025. The course covers 64 kilometers and 2300 meters of elevation gain, making the race a true challenge for the participants. The competition is held in Hirschhorn and attracts run..