Trail Running Calendar France 2024-2025

Welcome to the ultimate guide to trail runs in France for 2024 and 2025. With an impressive total of 1002 listed events, you are sure to find the perfect race to test your limits. Whether you're a beginner runner eager to dive into the world of trail running or a veteran seeking a new challenge, we have something for everyone.

France is home to some of the best trail running destinations, boasting breathtaking routes and stunning landscapes. Explore races in Paris, where urban beauty meets racing challenges; Marseille with its sunny coastal trails; Lyon, where hills and culture intertwine; Toulouse, renowned for its picturesque trails; Nantes, offering a blend of urban and rural scenery; Corsica, the mountainous island with rugged terrains that are a delight for endurance runners; and, of course, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, the alpine paradise for those aspiring to reach new heights.

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The trail offers a 6.706 km loop to be completed in under an hour, with starts every hour until the last person standing. Participants must finish the loop in under an hour to continue. The distance of 6.706 km corresponds to 160 km in 24 hours, or 100 miles, a legendary distance in the United State..

The Schweighouse Nature Races, organized by TeamCom, offer two routes of 7.5 and 17.5 km through forest paths and gently rolling trails. This charitable event supports the association "Vaincre la Mucoviscidose" and Joseph Fritsch, the French Handbike champion aiming for Paralympic gold at the Paris ..

The Porti'run will take place in Portiragnes on Sunday 27 April 2025. You can run between 8 and 15 kilometers.

May 2025

The Trail du Mont Chauve is a running event organized in Chaumont, Haute-Marne. It offers several courses tailored to different skill levels, including the "52" (52 km solo or duo with 2000 meters of elevation gain), the "1000D" (23.9 km with 1000 meters of elevation gain), and the "Clé de 12" (12.2..

The Xterra Nouvelle Aquitaine will take place in Lac de Vassivière from Friday 2 May 2025 to Sunday 4 May 2025. You can run between 7 and 42 kilometers.

The La Saline - Gruissan will take place in Gruissan on Saturday 3 May 2025. You can run between 10 and 10 kilometers.

The Tarn Valley Trail is a running event taking place on May 3rd and 4th, 2025, offering five varied courses: the Tarn Valley Ultra Trail (153 km), the Integral of the Tarn Gorges (100 km), the Malène de Proust (50 km), the Marathon Trail of the Tarn Gorges (42 km), and the Unique Path (17 km). This..

The ONE&1 Run to Camp will take place in Tourrettes-sur-Loup from Saturday 3 May 2025 to Sunday 4 May 2025.

The Trail du Quartz - Prayols will take place in Prayols on Sunday 4 May 2025. You can run between 5 and 24 kilometers.

The Trail du Patois will take place in Houdain on Sunday 4 May 2025. You can run 29 kilometers.

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The Trail des Vallées Vertes will take place in Saint-Outrille on Sunday 4 May 2025. You can run between 8 and 60 kilometers.

The Amethyst Trail is a running race organized in Sauxillanges, in Auvergne. This event offers several courses of different distances, ranging from 12 km to 37 km, as well as a 13 km hike and races for children and teenagers. Participants can register online or by mail.The event attracts many runner..

The Foulées des Droits de L'homme will take place in Montbazin on Sunday 4 May 2025. You can run between 6 and 12 kilometers.

The Trail des Forts de Besançon is a running race that stands out for its technical routes and exceptional setting, combining heritage, history, and nature. Participants can choose from four distances: 48 km, 28 km, 19 km, and 10 km. Each route offers a unique immersion into the heart of Besançon's ..

The Trail des Maures offers 7 outdoor events, including the Ultra des Maures, a 100 km race. The races start in Collobrières and have time limits that must be adhered to. Poles are allowed in the Ultra and the Marathon des Maures. Showers and meals are provided on site, as well as live tracking for ..

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The Trail des Avens is a running event organized in Méjannes-le-Clap, offering various trail and hiking routes. For its 11th edition scheduled for May 2025, participants can choose from several distances, ranging from 12.7 km to 38.9 km, as well as races for children. The event highlights the local ..

The Ultra Trail Grand Colombier will take place in Contrevoz on Saturday 24 May 2025. You can run between 7 and 120 kilometers.

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La Bri'zeuse is a sporting event organized in Brix, in the Manche region, offering trail runs and walks. The trail runs are renowned for their technical courses and significant elevation changes, traversing picturesque landscapes of forests and bodies of water. Participants can choose from several d..

The Trail of Mons is a running event that takes place on the beautiful trails of Lauragais. Scheduled for June 2, 2024, it offers three courses suitable for all levels: La Seillonne at 23 km, La Pigasse at 13 km, and La Trinchant at 4.3 km, as well as races for children. A new addition this year is ..

The Trail de l'Estabel will take place in Cabrières on Sunday 25 May 2025. You can run between 7 and 28 kilometers.