Trail Running Calendar Departement Somme 2024-2025

We have found 12 Trailruns in Departement Somme. Check below where and when you can find the races.

The trail event "Les DOULLENNAISES" will take place on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at the Citadel of Doullens, offering 10 km and 21 km courses, as well as a 10 km hike. The starts and finishes will be at the Citadel, with elevation gains of up to +350m. Registrations can be made online at klikego and w..

The Carolus Trail offers 5 km and 17 km running routes, 5 km and 10 km walks, as well as children's races in Heilly. The event features a sporty and friendly atmosphere, with on-site catering and entertainment for children. A portion of the profits will be donated to the "Grandir sans Cancer" (Grow ..

The Le Trail des Gueux will take place in Folleville on Sunday 19 May 2024. You can run between 5 and 25 kilometers.

The La Vronnaise will take place in Vron on Monday 20 May 2024. You can run 50 kilometers.

The Liger Trail offers races of 22 km, 11 km, and an 11 km walk. Registrations are open for the event which will take place on Sunday, May 26, 2024. For more practical information, videos, and photos, please visit the organization's website.

June 2024

The La Rando des Cabris will take place in Gamaches on Sunday 2 June 2024. You can run between 11 and 17 kilometers.

The Trail des Evoissons will take place in Guizancourt on Sunday 23 June 2024. You can run between 13 and 80 kilometers.

July 2024

The Ultrabaie is a trail running event that takes place from the Bay of Somme to the cliffs, featuring 3 solo races and 1 relay over distances of up to 70 km. The second edition will be held on July 6 & 7, 2024, in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, with a maximum of 3,000 runners. The courses offer flat profi..

August 2024

The La Cromagnon will take place in Drucat on Sunday 25 August 2024. You can run between 8 and 15 kilometers.

The Domartoise offers two trail courses of 12 km and 21 km, as well as a 6.5 km hike. Children's races of 500 m and 1000 m are also organized. Registrations will open on 04/01/2024 at 00:01. The registration fees vary according to the events offered.

September 2024

The 19th Poppy Country Races will take place on Sunday, September 8, 2024, with events ranging from 5 km to a half-marathon. The varied course includes paths, roads, woods, hills, and even a tunnel. In 2023, the event raised €6,000 for a charity, and in 2024, the funds will be donated to the associa..

October 2024

The 100 km of the Somme is a race with a National FFA (French Athletics Federation) label, serving as the venue for the French championships in the 100 km discipline in 2024. The Amiens-metropole marathon and the Val de Somme half-marathon offer regional labels and are limited to 500 participants. T..