Trail Running calendar near Picquigny 2024-2025

We have found 29 Trailruns within 80 kilometers of Picquigny. See below where and when you can find the races.

The Complice in Merlimont is a running race that will take place on August 3, 2024, bringing together participants either solo or in pairs. This fifth edition offers a unique course, highlighting the natural beauty of the region, with sections on the beach and picturesque trails. Duo runners will ta..

The Foulées Fressinoises - Cardon Frères is a running event organized in Fressin, in the Pas-de-Calais region. The 19th edition will take place on August 24, 2024, featuring courses ranging from 0.7 km to 10 km, suitable for all levels. The races primarily take place on dirt paths and through the wo..

The La Cromagnon will take place in Drucat on Sunday 25 August 2024. You can run between 8 and 15 kilometers.

The Domartoise is a running race that takes place in Domart en Ponthieu. It offers two trail courses of 12 km and 21 km, as well as a 6.5 km hike. The races are open to everyone, men or women, licensed or not, with a minimum age requirement.There are also two races for children aged 5 to 12. Online ..

September 2024

The La Laura Run will take place in Forest-l'Abbaye on Saturday 7 September 2024. You can run between 6 and 11 kilometers.

The "Courses du Pays du Coquelicot" is an annual running event that offers several races, including a half marathon, 5 km and 10 km races, as well as leisure walks. The event takes place on diverse routes that include roads, paths, woods, and underground passages. In addition to promoting physical a..

The trail offers five events of different distances, ranging from 5 km to 42 km, with various elevation gains. Registrations close on Wednesday, September 4th at midnight.

The 6 Miles of Cormont, organized by the Nouveau Club Cormontois de Course à Pied, will celebrate their fifth anniversary in 2024 with a new feature: two trails instead of one. The main 9.6 km race traverses varied landscapes such as meadows, fields, and woodlands, offering a unique cross-country ex..

The Houdain Oktober Trail returns on Saturday, September 21, 2024, with 13km and 25km routes through the hills of Artois. The event promises a festive atmosphere with costumes, entertainment, and refreshments throughout the course. A unique opportunity to combine sport and conviviality in a fun and ..

The trail offers a variety of events for all ages and levels, ranging from hiking to running and including Nordic walking. Registration fees vary from €4 to €12 depending on the chosen event. It's a great opportunity to enjoy nature with family and take on sports challenges suited to everyone.

The "Elle & Lui" event in Saint-Paul (60) features a relay race where participants compete in pairs. The total 12 km course is divided into segments of 4 km for the woman and 5 km for the man, followed by a final 6 km segment run together as a duo. The race takes place mainly on trails, with a porti..

The Pyramidale Trail 2024, organized by the Team Pyramides Passion VTT, will take place in Wingles. Participants can choose between routes of 10, 16, or 21 km, exclusively on paths and trails. New this year, two walking and hiking routes are also offered.Registration is open to everyone, whether lic..

"On the Trail of the Battle of Abbeville" is a sporting and commemorative event organized by the Courir A Abbeville club and France 40, which will take place on September 22, 2024. Participants can choose between two trail runs of 12.5 km and 17.5 km, as well as a nature walk of 12.5 km. The races a..

The 7th edition of the La Molldreuilloise trail will take place on September 28, 2024, in Molliens-Dreuil, featuring walking, mountain biking, and trail running courses of various distances. The proceeds from the event will be donated to the association "Le combat de Charlotte" to help a little girl..

The Trail des Pierres Sacrées will take place in Larbroye on Sunday 29 September 2024. You can run between 9 and 21 kilometers.

The "Courses des 2 Chateaux" trail will take place on Sunday, September 29, 2024, featuring 11 km and 17 km courses connecting the Pierrefonds Castle and the Paul Petitpoisson Stadium in Compiègne. Registrations close on September 25, 2024, at 11:59 PM, with fees of €17 for the races and €15 for the..

October 2024

The Pink Trail is a charity race organized by the Brothers Trail association, in collaboration with the city of Divion, on October 6, 2024. This event aims to raise awareness and support the fight against breast cancer. Participants can choose from three race courses (7 km, 14 km, and 21 km) as well..

The 100 km of the Somme and the Amiens-Métropole Marathon are running events taking place in the Somme Valley, offering scenic and high-performance courses. In 2024, the 100 km of the Somme, an event certified by the FFA, will host the French championships for the discipline. The marathon and half-m..

"Bailleul en Rose" is a running event that takes place in Bailleul le Soc, offering 8 km and 16 km courses, as well as an 8 km walk. The event, scheduled for September 13, 2024, aims to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer, with a donation of €5 per registration going to the Oise C..

The La Courvalienne will take place in Hodeng-au-Bosc on Sunday 13 October 2024. You can run between 6 and 15 kilometers.