Trail Running calendar near Vals-près-le-Puy 2024-2025

We have found 27 Trailruns within 80 kilometers of Vals-près-le-Puy. See below where and when you can find the races.

The Mézenc Trail is a trail running race benefiting children with cancer. Three courses are offered: the Call of Chaulet (10 km), the Call of Mézenc (16.5 km), and the Mézenc Trail (27 km). In addition to the races, there are hiking routes and children's races.Registration is done on-site. Fees vary..

The Foulée des Vignerons de Vals returns in 2024 with an enriched program for running enthusiasts. Scheduled for August 25th, this event offers two main courses: a 7.5 km mini trail and a 13.5 km circuit, each providing picturesque views of the vineyards and trails of Vals. Families can also partici..

September 2024

The St Med'Trail is a running race that takes place in Saint Médard en Forez. The event offers two courses: one of 20km with 600m of positive elevation gain and another of 11.5km with 320m of positive elevation gain. There are also races for children. This 3rd edition promises a festive atmosphere, ..

The Langeadoise is a running and walking event organized by the club La Foulée Langeadoise, which will take place on September 1, 2024, in Langeac. This eighth edition offers several routes, including the 24 km Trail Lafayette and an 11 km nature run, as well as races for children. Participants will..

The Trail du Bessat is a major sporting event that takes place in the heart of the Pilat massif, offering 10 km and 22 km courses through the beautiful forests of Bessat. Scheduled for September 8, 2024, this event is ideal for running enthusiasts looking to take on a challenge in the great outdoors..

The "Trail de la Margeride" is a sporting event taking place on September 14 and 15, 2024, in the Monts de la Margeride, a region marked by the legend of the Beast of Gévaudan. Organized by the "Trail Margeride" association, this weekend offers several trail races and hikes, ranging from 10 km to 49..

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The Icio Trail, organized by the association l'Eveil Ussonnais, will take place in Usson en Forez on September 14, 2024. This race offers two courses: a 10 km trail, accessible to everyone, and a 21 km trail, featuring varied landscapes including forests, meadows, and rivers. Participants can also e..

The Trail des Dolmens Ardèche is a running race organized in Joyeuse, in the heart of the Cévennes Ardéchoises. The event offers three varied courses: "Le Balcon des Grads" of 7 km, "Le Ranc des Biols" of 15 km, and "Les Drailles du Dolmen" of 24 km, each presenting technical challenges and pictures..

The Mazetençois Vétathlon is a sporting event that combines 25 km of mountain biking and 10 km of running, open to everyone and timed, whether solo or in pairs. In addition to this main event, participants can also register for a 10 km trail run or a 10 km family walk. This event takes place in the ..

The Courir Pour des Pommes will take place in Saint-Romain-en-Jarez on Sunday 22 September 2024. You can run between 10 and 20 kilometers.

The Lamastrail 2024 is a nature race organized by the Lamastre Trail Rando Chemin association, taking place on September 28, 2024, in Lamastre. Three courses are offered: Lamas'Trail (21 km), The Panoramic (14 km), and Trail Initiation (7 km), with starts beginning at 2 PM. It is also possible to pa..

The ENISE Trail is a running event organized by the students of the École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE). Taking place in the Pilat mountain range, this event is open to all sports enthusiasts. It offers several varied courses, ranging from 10 km to 24 km, with elevation changes sui..

October 2024

The Boulieu Trail in Ardèche in October offers routes ranging from 9 to 72 km through stunning autumn landscapes, suitable for all levels of runners. Participants will be able to enjoy views of the Alps, the Vercors, and the Pilat while discovering picturesque villages. In addition to the race, runn..

The Trail Marguerite de France will take place in Sauxillanges on Saturday 5 October 2024. You can run between 11 and 16 kilometers.

The "Run for Cambodia" trail is a solidarity event aimed at supporting Cambodian schoolchildren. It offers various challenges such as the Khmer half-marathon, the Angkor trail, the Kampot loop, the Sré Ampills solidarity strides, the Kampot or Angkor walks, as well as the little tour of Phnom Penh f..

The Course de la Châtaigne will take place in La Tour-en-Jarez on Sunday 6 October 2024. You can run 10 kilometers.

The Duo du Bois Joli will take place in Badaroux on Sunday 13 October 2024.

The Trail of Haut Pilat, organized by La Foulée du Haut Pilat, will take place on October 13, 2024, in Saint-Genest-Malifaux. This event offers several races suitable for all levels, including a 42 km MaraTrail with a positive elevation gain of 1200 m, ideal for long-distance runners. Participants c..

The Trail des Gaulois will take place in Charmes-sur-Rhône on Sunday 20 October 2024. You can run between 10 and 17 kilometers.

The Capito'Trail, organized by Chapteuil Sports Nature in Saint-Julien-Chapteuil, is a trail running event that offers several courses suited to different levels of runners. For the 2024 edition, the main distance is a 33 km trail with 1500 meters of positive elevation gain, featuring a technical an..

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